>> when will you launch?

we’ll be test driving this site in beta mode side by side with 4chanarchive. once the main bugs are squished and the site looks like it is working, we’ll stop taking new requests from 4chanarchive and make all threads archived so far available here.

>> what happens to 4chanarchive?

all threads will be migrated to chanarchive, but the content will also remain on 4chanarchive. many sites are still linking there and a lot of visitors find the content through google, therefore 4chanarchive will continue to exist as long as people go there, however we will stop archiving new threads there at some point.

>>why change the name to chanarchive.org?

at some point after 4chanarchive got fairly popular, i kinda regret that the site was not only completely dependent on 4chan but also the name and look of the site was a ripoff. as a result of that, people still come to me when they have an issue with 4chan, but get no response from moot or any 4chan admin. although we didn’t come up with a creative web 2.0 name, i think chanarchive is as such general enough not to be connected directly with 4chan, but specific enough that people will know what to expect. the futaba color scheme is the only thing that should remember “where we come from”.

>> will you archive other chans?

yes. at some point. technically we could do that right away, but i’d like two things to happen first before expanding to other chans:

  • import all content from 4chanarchive
  • implement most of the current 4chanarchive features
>> i run a chan or i know a chan that would like to get archived.

email me. [email protected] and we can talk about this. in general, i don’t want to do it without approval of the chan archive website owners, so if you don’t run the chan yourself, make a thread in your favourite chan and get feedback from the people in charge and the users. please send me the link too.

>>why doesn’t my 4chanarchive login work?

old logins won’t work. you need to register for chanarchive separately. registering should be quick, easy and painless.

>>will the threads archived on 4chanarchive eventually be transferred to chanarchive?

yes, they will be imported to chanarchive. that will be done closer to the real launch though. it will be the last thing to do before closing down the request interface on 4ca. if you read this after our launch, then i’ve just been too lazy to update the faq.

>>why only x-amount of requests need for archival

amount of requests needed might be low while we ramp up the archive and to get things rolling. we can and will still weed out the crap if needed. and if there is too much crap, then we’ll raise the required votes.

>>where is the /gold/ board?

boards will come at some point. it is a lot of work creating and maintaining a board, so it will be likely at a later stage. we’ll most likely have a support board a board about chans and maybe even a random board.

>>your site looks like crap in internet explorer? why don’t you fix that? ie is the most used browser in the world after all!

this site will look slightly less refined in any internet explorer lower than version 9 as well as in all browsers that don’t support at least some css3. while it might be true that most people in the world use ie, it is not true for the usual 4chanarchive visitor. below the statistics for visitors of 4chanarchive in the month of december 2010.

  • firefox 48%
  • chrome 25%
  • internet explorer 10%
  • safari 9.5%
  • opera 4.5%

making sites compatible with all browsers is a very time consuming tasks, therefore i rather concentrate on developing features that will be used by most of the users instead of finetuning the visuals for 10% of our visitors.

>>why has this faq such a stupid layout?

same reason as above, rather use my little time for more important stuff.