About CA

Chan archive website is founded by Haku Noburu in 2011, together with Anis Mott – an independent journalist with integrity that is the heart of the organization.

A network of several other journalists was established worldwide and we started to monitor and publish news that matter to the public. Unbiased determined to get to the truth and deliver it to the people. To do so, we are funded by donations from our readers and private businesses. If you enjoy our work and want to help our website remain independent, please consider making a contribution. Or, if you prefer, you can also visit http://nodepositsalon.com/ and take a look at their casino promo offers. If you decide to continue playing games with real money, know that a portion of what you spend will be donated to CA.

We also publish editorial pieces with our personal view on some political processes and try to assess the impact of these processes on our future.

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