Chan Archive Website from Central Africa: National Assembly Splashes into Dirty Files

HakuNoburu | August 7, 2018 | 0 | Politics

The President of the National Assembly for current news about world, on July 27, after 11 weeks of absence for health reasons, is taking place in Bangui at the rate of a kick from the anthill. Against this backdrop, the suspected embezzlement of 120 million Cfa francs at the level of Parliament.
While on a health mission in France, allegations are made that the President of the National Assembly is at the origin of embezzlement at the level of the institution for which he is responsible. As soon as he returned to the country, Abdou Karim Meckassoua dropped in the face of anyone who would like to hear him, during a mega press conference that he did not steal any franc, while confirming the embezzlement. Moreover, its first Vice-President, Symphorien Mapenzi, has been indexed by Meckassoua to be the author of this financial embezzlement that is eating away at Parliament.
While the poop dropped by Meckassoua pollutes the political atmosphere, in this ostensible accusation that crushes the parliamentary group of the President of the Republic, ‘the United hearts’, it is the turn of the 2nd Vice-President of the Assembly, Mathurin Dimbélé Nakoé to undress his President, once again absent from the country, during a press conference that he hosted this Friday, August 3 at the hotel Somba in Bangui. In any case, on this occasion, no detail has escaped Dimbélé who establishes facts after facts, that Meckassaoua would drag a ton of financial embezzlement on his head. He also justified that the 120 million Cfa francs referred to in the PAN had not been misappropriated, but had been used to pay the balance of 320 million Cfa francs to a supplier of the National Assembly for the purchase of members ‘ kits, 200 million of which had already been paid by Order of Meckassoua in two instalments of 100 million Cfa francs.

So much so that on this occasion, there were many other dirty files exhumed on the PAN by its 2nd Vice-President, in turn, the relatives of Meckassoua, including members of the Parliamentary Group ‘The Way of hope’ also exhumed the file below published. This is a heavy passive that Mathurin Dimbélé Nakoé is allegedly taking to court in the Central African Republic.
According to indictment no. 114 / CAB.TGI.B. PP.12 of February 6, 2012, made by the magistrate Alain Tolmo, meanwhile Prosecutor of the Republic, Dimbélé would be prosecuted for ” having in Bangui, during 2008-2011, in any case for less than 10 years, fraudulently embezzled to the detriment of the Central African State a sum of money provisionally estimated at one billion nine hundred forty nine million six hundred twenty eight thousand five hundred three cfa francs (1 949,628,503 CFA francs) of which you are depositary on the occasion of a public service, in the case of the Company african petroleum products storage (SOCAP) “.
After having laid out other embezzlement all equally damning on Dimbélé Nakoé, the prosecutor, in the same indictment concluded ” let us request that it please Monsieur de Doyen of the investigating judges to inform for all practical purposes against the said accused and against all co-perpetrators or accomplices because

of the above qualified facts and of all other related facts, hear all witnesses, grant all warrants, do all acts deemed necessary for the manifestation of the truth so that the said procedure in state will be communicated to us later “.
At the pace of this trench warfare in the National Assembly, some are beginning to raise the idea of a dissolution to set up a credible institution to represent the Nation.