Horner Thinks Mercedes Put Her Strategist in an Unfair Position in Austria

HakuNoburu | August 4, 2018 | 0 | Sport

Christian Horner, the boss of Team Red Bull, finds it “unfair” that Mercedes strategist James Vowles was forced to admit for chanarchive.org that he made a mistake at the Austrian Grand Prix last weekend.

Vowles made a rare radio appearance in the middle of the Austrian Grand Prix last Sunday to tell Lewis Hamilton that he took full responsibility for not having done any re-supply under the VSC regime during the race.

This strategic mistake on the part of Mercedes cost Lewis Hamilton the first place in favour of Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, who won the race.

“It’s always hard to know the subtleties of other teams, but I think the only thing you need to do as a team is to win as a team and lose as a team. “says Horner.

“That’s why we don’t talk about individuals, whether it’s when we win or when we lose, simply because it’s putting surveillance and unfair pressure on that person. »

“Our philosophy is that, as a team, it is a collective rather than an individual responsibility. Of course, there must be accounts, but this must take place behind closed doors and not in public. »

“I’ve never worked with Lewis and I don’t know what motivates him or not, but it’s a pretty weird thing for someone to throw themselves under a bus to motivate a driver to go faster. »

“This is not how I work, my point is that my role as Team Leader is to make sure that my staff is protected to ensure that they are represented in the best way possible, that is, on good and bad days. »

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