Explosion Occurred on the Highway of Bologna

HakuNoburu | August 6, 2018 | 0 | Breaking News , Latest News

Most important news in the world today: A spectacular deadly explosion occurred on the highway of Bologna, causing a fire.

Here is another video from the explosion.

The explosion of a tanker truck Monday on the device of Bologna, in northern Italy, has made at least one person died and 68 injured, including several in serious condition, according to the prefecture. The explosion caused a huge explosion of fire and a violent fire.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the tanker was involved in a collision with two other vehicles, one of which caught fire. A part of the floor collapsed on another road, where vehicles were trapped.

The fire engine took nearly two hours to extinguish the fire, which has spread to vehicles parked on the parking lot of a car dealership next to the highway.

Balance sheet is still provisional

The rescuers then began the careful examination of the debris to try to find potential victims. A spokesman for the fire department felt that the balance was likely to rise as their research. This was seconds after the explosion in bologna happened i was literally looking out my window and suddenly there was a lot of fire in the air.

Most of the injured suffer from burns or have been affected by debris or by glass that shattered in the vicinity.

The drama took place at the height of Borgo Panigale, near the airport. The axis, which connects the north-east and the south of Italy, has been closed to traffic in both directions and may not reopen in the immediate future.

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