World Headline News Today: Barca’s Discount Offer for Paul Pogba

HakuNoburu | August 6, 2018 | 0 | Sport

The Spanish club offered money and two players for the French midfielder. Manchester’s categorical refusal!

According to Sky Italy, FC Barcelona actively follows the track that leads to Paul Pogba. The camp boarders would even offer two players plus 58 million francs to get the services of the star of the French team. Manchester United leaders responded with a strong ” No ” to the proposal. What was it? According to Sky Italy, Barca offered defender Yerry Mina and midfielder Andre Gomes as well as the sum of money for Paul Pogba.

Yerry Mina Mina showed up at the last World Cup with Colombia. He had scored three goals-all from the top – to help the South American nation reach the round of 16. Transferred from Palmeiras to FC Barcelona last winter for 15 million francs, the central defender seems on the verge of leaving Catalonia despite a contract until 2023. Everton and Olympique Lyonnais are the two main followers for the Colombian control tower.

A proposal of the Spanish formation that the former English international and now analyst Gary Neville has, obviously, found a little light.

For the record, Manchester United had paid out nearly 120 million francs to uproot Paul Pogba. It was in the summer of 2016 and, at the time, the midfielder was playing Juventus.

If the English transfer window ends already Thursday, players can still leave the Premier League until August 31. Does this mean that FC Barcelona will try to make a better offer by then?

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